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1) What would [ profile] la_baronne think of [ profile] missgdarcy? Well, they are quite good friends. I suppose that's the answer.
2) Is [ profile] devilisheverett related to [ profile] nursegavin? ....Not to my knowledge.
3) What comic book character would [ profile] auburn_wotton be? If I knew what a comic book was, I'm certain I could answer.
4) What animal should [ profile] auburn_wotton be combined with? ...Something silent. A rabbit, possibly.
5) Is [ profile] missgdarcy dead sexy? I'm sure she is to her fiance.
6) What do you disagree with [ profile] devilisheverett about? Many things.
7) Do you have [ profile] missgdarcy's screenname? No.
8) One thing you can't stand about [ profile] la_baronne? Nothing, really. She's quite a sweet young lady.
9) Has [ profile] auburn_wotton been to your house/dorm? No, thank goodness.
10) What word best describes [ profile] missgdarcy? Demure.
11) Which president would [ profile] auburn_wotton be likely to idolize? ...President?
12) Is [ profile] missgdarcy an emo? No.
13) If [ profile] nursegavin took over the world, who would be happy? Well, I certainly would.
14) Are [ profile] thesunisastar and [ profile] auburn_wotton married? No.
15) Which of your friends should [ profile] la_baronne go out with? ...Her husband, I should think.
16) What is [ profile] auburn_wotton's favorite food? I have no idea.
17) What would you do if you found out [ profile] auburn_wotton has a crush on you? ...That would certainly be awkward.
18) Is [ profile] mac_dubh in a relationship? Yes. Alas.
19) Is [ profile] auburn_wotton popular? I think so.
20) If [ profile] sham_marriage were hanging off a cliff, what would [ profile] nursegavin do? I should hope he would help her up.
21) If [ profile] devilisheverett had a superpower, what would it be? His charm.
22) One quality you find attractive in [ profile] mac_dubh? ...Er. Everything, really.
23) Does [ profile] sham_marriage smoke? No.
24) If [ profile] la_baronne was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? ...Madam Elphaba, possibly?
25) Is [ profile] missgdarcy a high school student? No.


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